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My SMS Bomber is the 2020's best free 100% Working SMS Bomber out there on the Internet.

Free to use

Our SMS Bomber is 100% Free to use. We don't charge you with anything for pranking your friends. We do understand that pranks are a fun part of life which should be free.

100% Working

This SMS Bomber, unlike a lot of sms bomber online is 100% Real and working. Beware of all those fake websites which pretend to be us. We are the only working SMS Bomber website.


We don't keep any of the entered data into our database. All the data is secured and is deleted as soon as the request has been processed from our server. So you need not worry about it.

Just for Fun

We built this SMS Bomber just for fun and pranks. You should not use this sms bomber to threat someone. Any illegal use of this free sms bomber is strictily prohibited.

Now, you can add your own custom message

Custom Message is now supported

Upon so many requests from our users. We have finally added the option for a custom message to be bombed on your friend's number for prank. You can simply send your own custom message multiple times to the users.

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Send SMS Instantaneously

One of the main reasons why our Free SMS Bomber is so popular is the fact that it is blazingly super fast. The messages are being sent from our servers as soon as you click on the Submit button.
In order to protect the misuse of our sms bomber, we offer Human Verification challenge only to the suspected bots. So if you are a real user, you don't have to verify the challenge. This is a SMS Bomber without Human Verification.


How to use Free SMS Bomber

Here are the steps which you need to follow in order to use our free SMS Bomber online tool.
  • First of all, you need to go to the SMS Bomber Section on this page. You can scroll down to it or simply click here.
  • Now, simply enter the details for the SMS Bimber to work.
  • You need to enter the Phone Number. Do note that you need to enter your number with your country code and '+'.
  • Once you have entered the Phone Number, you then need to enter the custom message which you want to send to the propspect.
  • On the next step, you need to enter the number of times you want the message to be sent to the user whose Phone Number you just entered.
  • Finally check the box which says I agree to the Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and conditions simply specifies that you are using our working SMS Bomber just to prank and have fun. You are not using it for any illegal purposes or any purpose for which it is not ethical either legally or not.
  • Click on the Bomb It Button to start the bombing process.
  • The SMS Bomber will begin and our system will start sending out the messages.

Please note that if for some reason our website detects you as a bot, then you'll have to verify the Human Challenge. This human challenge is pretty easy and quick.

What they say?

Have a look at what some of the users has to say for our Free Online SMS Bomber tool.

Online SMS Bomber

Fill in the details and start pranking your friends with this free to use online SMS Bomber hack.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our free SMS Bomber online tool.

Yes, this is a completely free to use SMS Bomber which is built by ust at the My SMS Bomber. This is the only working and Free SMS Bomber on the Internet.

Yes, all the details are secure. We do not keep any information like phone number saved into our database.

Haha! Yes, you are at the right place. This is the popular SMS Bomber website everyone keeps talking about on the Internet.

Yes, this is the one and only 100% Working Online SMS Bomber website on the Internet. If you have never tried it out yet. Then it is the high time that you try this out right now.

My SMS Bomber is a free SMS Bomber without human verification. If your system detects you as a bot, then only you will have to complete the Human Verification Challenge. Also, our Human Verification challenges are pretty easy and quick to verify.

No, you are only allowed to use this SMS Bomber to prank your friends. You are not allowed to use this free SMS Bomber in any wrong or illegal way.
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